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  • Minkyong Kim, Chang-Yeol Han, Heesun Yang* and Byoungnam Park*, Band to Band Tunneling at the Zinc Oxide (ZnO) and Lead Selenide (PbSe) Quantum Dot Contact; Interfacial Charge Transfer at a ZnO/PbSe/ZnO Probe Device, Materials, 12, 2289 (2019)
    • Hwi-Jae Kim, Jung-Ho Jo, Suk-Young Yoon, Dae-Yeon Jo, Hyun-Sik Kim, Byoungnam Park* and Heesun Yang*, Emission Enhancement of Cu-Doped InP Quantum Dots through Double Shelling Scheme, Materials, 12, 2267 (2019)
      • Suhyeon Lee, Chang-Yeol Han, Ahyoung Hong, Jaeyun Kim, Heesun Yang, Byung Jun Jung and Jeonghun Kwak*, Inverted quantum dot light-emitting diodes with defect-passivated ZnO as an electron transport layer, Semiconductor Science and Technology, 34, 085002 (2019)
        • Suk-Young Yoon, Jong-Hoon Kim, Kyung-Hye Kim, Chang-Yeol Han, Jung-Ho Jo, Dae-Yeon Jo, Seungki Hong, Jun Yeon Hwang, Young Rag Do*, Heesun Yang*, High-efficiency blue and white electroluminescent devices based on non-Cd I–III–VI quantum dots, Nano Energy, 63, 103869 (2019)
          • Seongkeun Oh, Chang-Yeol Han, Heesun Yang* and Jiwan Kim*, Highly efficient white electroluminescent devices with hybrid double emitting layers of quantum dots and phosphorescent molecules, Nanoscale, 11, 9276 (2019)
            • Suk-Young Yoon, Jong-Hoon Kim, Eun-Pyo Jang, Sun-Hyoung Lee, Dae-Yeon Jo, Yuri Kim, Young Rag Do*, and Heesun Yang*, Systematic and Extensive Emission Tuning of Highly Efficient Cu−In−S-Based Quantum Dots from Visible to Near Infrared, Chemistry of Materials, 31, 2627 (2019)
              • Zhiwen Yang, Mengyu Gao, Weijie Wu, Xuyong Yang, Xiao Wei Sun, Jianhua Zhang*, Hung-Chia Wang, Ru-Shi Liu*, Chang-Yeol Han, Heesun Yang*, Wanwan Li*, Recent advances in quantum dot-based light-emitting devices: Challenges and possible solutions, Materials Today, 24, 69 (2019)